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Welcome to the Wyoming Hospital Association (WHA) Hospital Pricing Website

The hospital association and its members believe patients have a right to know more about the prices hospitals charge for services as well as information about how well hospitals are reimbursed for the care they deliver and how much of the care delivered is not reimbursed.

In response, WHA has produced WHA Hospital Pricing, a database of hospital charges and utilization. Specifically, using this site, you can find:

  • Hospital charge information for all services at all Wyoming hospitals. You also will see a count of the number of patients cared for in each service and the average number of days patients who received a specific service stayed in the hospital.
  • Pricing information extracted from the inpatient discharge data collected through the Hospital Industry Data Institute (HIDI).
  • Information about the amount of charity care and other uncompensated care each hospital delivers in a given year.
You should know that while this information contains hospital charges, it will not tell you how much you will owe for a hospital stay to receive a specific kind of care. That information is best obtained from your own insurance company. It is the insurance company that negotiates payment arrangements with the hospital and that knows how much you will have to pay under the plan that covers you.

So, while publicly reported hospital charge data will not answer every question, it should, at a minimum, provide a good and factual starting point for more informed discussion between you, your insurance company, and your hospital care giver.

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