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Select a Hospital.
You may do so by choosing a county or a city from the drop-down menu. Your selection of a county or a city will reveal another drop-down menu that lists all hospitals in that county or city. Please be aware that some facilities are in communities that are divided by a county border. Examples are Watertown and Waupun. The hospitals in those communities are both listed under Dodge County.

If you do not know the county or city of the hospital you want to select, you may choose “* Show all facilities” in the County or City selections boxes and select a hospital from the drop-down menu that lists facilities in alphabetical order.

Select a Major Diagnostic Category (MDC).
After you select a hospital, a list of MDCs will appear. An MDC is a general classification of diseases or conditions treated in an inpatient setting. Click on the MDC that most closely reflects the general type of hospitalization you would like to research.

Select a Medicare-Severity Diagnosis Group (MSDRG)
After you select an MDC, a drop-down list of DRGs will appear. A DRG is a more specific classification of hospitalization types based on the patient’s medical condition, procedures performed (if any), and, in some cases, the age and/or sex of the patient. Choose the DRG that most closely reflects the specific type of hospitalization you would like to research. Please note that the only DRGs that will display for a specific hospital are those for which the hospital had at least five discharges.

Receive the results.
After you select a specific type of hospitalization, the following information will be displayed:

  • The name, address and telephone number of the hospital you selected.

  • The number of discharges, the average length of stay, and information about the average and median charges for (1) the selected hospital; (2) all hospitals in the selected county; and (3) all hospitals with similar patient volume as the selected hospital:

  • Overall information about payments to the selected hospital from different types of insurers. Each pie graph represents the percentage of charges paid on behalf of patients with private insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare coverage. This information is not specific the selected service. It is for all services delivered at the selected hospital.

  • A table detailing the health care charges for which the hospital did not receive payment because the patient qualified for free or reduced-charge care or because the patient failed to pay what was owed.

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